Reproductive System

Reproductive physiology is a small section but it is not as easy as one may expect. At times it gets difficult to remember what is what. And this will form the basis for a lot in your clinical subjects. 

1.  Sex determination, sex differentiation, and their

This topic is more related to genetics and I am sure you have done it in your schools. If you are not clear then you can watch the following videos.



2. Puberty: control of onset, stages, delayed and
precocious puberty

So this topic contains 3 subtopics and I have shared videos on all the videos. The normal and precocious puberty is from Lecturio.

3. Male reproductive system

In this section, I will share 2 videos both from Ninja Nerd. One on spermatogenesis and the other on the functioning of the male reproductive system.

4. Female reproductive system

The female reproductive system is a lot harder than the male reproductive system. It is covered under 2 topics – Menstrual Cycle and ovulation by Ninja Nerd.

5. Physiological effect of sex hormones 

If you watch the above videos properly then this topic is already done. Still, just for fun, I am sharing professor Dave’s video –

6. Contraceptive methods (male and female) 

This topic is actually under Public Heath and Pharmacology but I will share one video here –

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