Vascular/Blood Vessels Pathology

This is the section of cardiovascular pathology. It covers all the pathologies related to Blood vessels. Before doing this section Make sure you are clear with Cardiovascular physiology.

If you are clear with Cardiovascular physiology then we can start with the pathologies related to this system.


There are many videos available on this topic. I am sharing a single video for this by Ninja Nerd which will help you a lot. Make sure you know update yourself according to the international guidelines as they keep on changing.

2. Arteriosclerosis

This is one of the most common problems seen in clinics as well as the public health sector. There are few types in this too. So I have shared 3 videos. The first video by Osmosis is about basic arteriosclerosis and its types. The next 2 videos from Khan academy are specifically for atherosclerosis.

3. Aneurysms and Dissections

This is a really interesting pathology and you may see some patients in clinics. Aneurysms generally present as a palpable mass. Dissection here is the Aortic dissection that you will see in the Emergency Room of your hospital. I have shared two videos. One is about Aneurysms and their types. The second video is about the aortic dissection from the Cleveland clinic.

4. Vasculitis

That is one of my favorite topics and It is not that rare so you will also see some patients suffering from Vasculitis in clinics. This is covered under the section of rheumatology in medicine. So I am sharing with you a complete playlist that is relevant for this topic by Armando Hasudungan.

5. Veins pathology

If you ever been to surgery clinics then you must have seen patients suffering from Varicose veins. That is one of the pathologies to be covered here. Everything is covered in a single 1 hr long video by John Campbell.

6. Vascular tumors

This may sound like a rare pathology but it is actually less rare than it sounds. I have shared a single video that covers everything required to be studied on this topic.

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