Ophthalmology Books

1. Parsons' Diseases of the Eye

Parsons’ Diseases of the Eye is one of the oldest books for UG MBBS. It is also important for postgraduate students. I would recommend this book because the portion of ophthalmology is going to increase in the NEXT system.

One of the most popular books among students for ophthalmology. It is preferred by most students. I would recommend buying this book only if you are not comfortable reading Parsons.

3. SOCH: Simplified Ophthalmology Conceptual Handbook

It is one of the best revision book for ophthalmology. It also contains many MCQs for practice. The professor who wrote this book also teaches in the Marrow application edition 5.

4. Self Assessment & Review Of Ophthalmology

This is another MCQ book for ophthalmology. It is an alternative to SOCH. You can buy either one.

5. Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology

Here is one of the best handbooks for Ophthalmology. The book is to be used by Postgraduate students but if you are interested in taking Ophthalmology as your career then read this in ur clinical postings.

6. Clinical Methods In Ophthalmology

This is an Indian practical ophthalmology book. It is good for those students who have already completed their syllabus. A lot of questions are asked in ophthalmology are from instruments and practical so this book will do the perfect job.

7. Practical Ophthalmology

This book is used by many Ophthalmology residents all over the world.  It is not recommended at the Undergraduate level. Advance practical procedures are beautifully explained along with the instrumentation.

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