Free Microbiology Resources you can use to tuition yourself

In this post, I am going to share with you some interesting resources that you can use to easily learn Microbiology. 

I know that It is not one of the most interesting subjects that you will be tested on in your exams but don’t worry. You will fall in love with Microbiology if you follow any of the sources I mentioned below. 

 Microbiology is studied in 2 ways –

  1. Organism-wise (Old method) – In this pattern, we studied all the bacteria together, fungi together, viruses together, etc. The advantage of this pattern was that it was easy to understand the laboratory diagnosis and various treatment regimes.
  2. System-wise (Newer method) – In this pattern, we study the organisms based on the systems they attack. The advantage of this system is that you will get more oriented to the clinical approach of dealing with infections. 

I made a video on this topic.

I have collected here all the resources that will help you learn Microbiology.

1. Stories of Infection

This course by Stanford University on Coursera is one of the best courses for Microbiology out there. The lectures are first classified as bacterial, Viral, and other organisms. Then in the individual sections, further classification is based on the system they affect and some special organisms.

  • The best thing about this course is that when you will start with the course and you reach the main lectures which begin with Tuberculosis then the lecture will run like a story, it will be like a clinical vignette. So, in the end, you will remember the story because all the stories are really touching and they will help you remember all the important things that you should remember.
  • You can make notes while doing it if you want but I would advise you to relax and absorb the stories.

2. Dr. Julie Wells

This youtube channel mainly focuses on the general microbiology part (theory as well as practical). The lectures are pretty long but worth it. The practical lectures are available too and there are very few channels that provide them so this makes the channel worth to subscribe.

3. CH15 SWAYAM Prabha IIT Madras

The hyperlink on the title will take you to the microbiology playlist on this channel. The faculty are all of Indian origin. Many playlists for various subjects are available. The microbiology playlist has the advantage of being based on the latest pattern. The lectures are arranged based on the system and not based on the category of the organism. For Indian as well as foreign exams this video series is the best.

4. Dr. Prodigious

The Hyperlink will take you to the playlist of the microbiology lectures. The lectures are based on the old pattern. Initial lectures are for Immunology but I will cover that section separately. The videos after that can be used to study individual organisms.

5. Bacteria and Chronic Infections

This course is relevant to you if you are interested in research in microbiology. Everything is related to chronic infections so it will be covered in depth.

  • Researching a subject like Microbiology has its own advantage. The chances of getting your proposal selected are higher in microbiology than in other fields.

6.Epidemics – the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases

This course is more relevant to public health and community medicine. I have mentioned it here because the subject will give you insight into epidemiology, a requirement for most microbiology research papers.


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